(v2 Testnet) Get Ropsten Token

Guide to obtain Rospten tokens for testing Cover V2

Connect Ropsten Metamask

Connect your metamask to the ropsten network. Step 1:

Step 2: Select Ropsten Test Network

Step 3: copy your ropsten address by clicking on it here to prepare for getting ETH and other tokens

Get Ropsten ETH

Goto one or both of these sites and copy and paste your address from above step, into the box(s). Click send ropsten ETH. If you use both sites you should be able to get around 6 ropsten ETH.

Get Ropsten Dai

  1. Connect your wallet with Ropsten etherscan.

  2. Call function #4 “Mint”. No input required. You will received 100k each call. You can have up to 500k tokens per address.

Other Ropsten tokens you can get in the above way.

  • WBTC: 0x7647828Da9374f2BFe3c759F849D72D7F7884E23

  • WETH: 0x4D77f4791Cf9E10a4d905346a189d0Da58895125

  • RULER: 0x7805c6714CF766DC4f9ff11f7B36b1dA1eE941CC

  • COVER: 0xAFA1FDcf436A18e0A7A3505512De3a4d22f4aa9A