Minting Coverage

If you would like to become a coverage provider or market maker you will need to mint CLAIM, NOCLAIM and FUTURE tokens. Each protocol you mint coverage for you will only receive one NOCLAIM token but can receive multiple CLAIM tokens. You will also receive a FUTURE token which can be redeemable for any CLAIM token added for that specific protocol

Step 1: Go to the "Cover Pools" tab, click the protocol you would like to mint CLAIM and NOCLAIM tokens for.

Step 2: Click the "mint/unwrap" button.

Under each protocol coverage, you may have the option to mint multiple different types of coverage. Example: Badger has multiple different vaults. Using $1 you can mint covToken for multiple different vaults. This leverages that $1 across various risks.

$1 will mint you 1 CLAIM token and 1 NOCLAIM token for each coverage seen

Step 3: Select the expiration you would like to mint coverage for, the collateral type you would like to deposit, and the amount of collateral.

Step 4: Click the "mint button" to mint the CLAIM and NOCLAIM token(s) and confirm the transactions via metamask.

There will be two transactions. Approve being the first and then a second transaction to complete the minting process.

Transaction #1 to approve spending DAI
Transaction #2 to mint CLAIM and NOCLAIM tokens

Congratulations you have minted CLAIM and NOCLAIM tokens. You can check etherscan and see all the CLAIM tokens you have.

Example: Here you have received 11 different CLAIM tokens for multiple Badger Vaults, 1 NOCLAIM token and 1 FUTURE token.