NOCLAIM Liquidity Provider (LP)

There are two methods. The simple method is using the zap. The second method is more complicated which requires you to interact with balancer directly. These steps will also be for removing liquidity.

Simple Method

  1. Go to "Dashboard"

  2. Click "My Covers" tab

  3. Click "Add Liquidity"

  4. Click max on one of the two options, it will automatically weight it properly at 98% NOCLAIM and 2% DAI. (step 1 OR 2)

  5. Unlock if necessary (steps 3 & 4)

  6. Press add liquidity

  7. Receive NOCLAIM Balancer Pool Token

Complicated Method

  1. Go to the shield mining tab and "Go to balancer pool"

  2. Press Add Liquidity.

  3. Provide your NOCLAIM token and extra DAI as liquidity (Balancer also supports single asset deposits). Note this will be 98% CLAIM and 2% DAI.

  4. Press Add Liquidity again.

  5. Receive NOCLAIM Balancer Pool Token.

  6. To remove Liquidity you would press remove liquidity on the same page*

Flowchart - NOCLAIM Liquidity Provider (NOCLAIM LP)